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Lawn Care & Maintenance Services in Inver Grove Heights, MN

Monson Lawn & Landscaping takes pride in offering the finest lawn care services in Inver Grove Heights!

Monson Lawn & Landscaping is a locally-owned lawn care service that has served the Inver Grove Heights area since 2009. Our clients are long-term customers for a reason—we provide the very best in both commercial and residential lawn services. No matter what size property you have, we have you covered!

Residents of Inver Grove Heights tend to have big yards, and chances are those yards need to be mowed. Why not let us help each week? Our weekly lawn package includes lawn fertilizer service, mowing, trimmings, and more. Your lawn will look great after each visit, so if you’re a resident of Inver Grove Heights Heights, contact us today!

At Monson Lawn & Landscaping, we know you are busy running a business and do not want to worry about managing the landscape of your property. That’s where we come in! Our knowledgeable employees can handle any service your Inver Grove Heights commercial property needs. Contact us now to learn about our weekly mowing, landscape bed maintenance, seasonal clean-ups, and more.

Inver Grove Heights Lawn Services

For the best, most affordable lawn mowing service in Inver Grove Heights, choose Monson Lawn & Landscaping. We mow, bag, trim, and blow away debris on weekly and bi-weekly schedules, and can also help with power edging along tight curbs, surfaces, and driveways. Not everyone needs their lawn cared for weekly, and for those Inver Grove Heights residents, we recommend a one-time service such as Fall or Spring clean-up.

We believe that the spring clean-up is our most important visit to your property! Here in snowy Minnesota, there’s a good chance that debris has accumulated in your yard over the winter. With backpack blowers, rake attachments, and vacuums, we collect winter debris that has built up on your turf and landscaped areas. Book your Spring clean-up spot early, and we’ll come to visit you in April or early May. Your Inver Grove Heights property will look beautiful for summer!

Our Fall clean-up is similar to our Spring one, but this time it takes place between late October and late November. We rake, sweep, and power blow away all the leaves and foreign debris in your yard. We also mow one last time for the season, cutting the grass extra short by lowering our mower blades’ height slightly. This keeps your lawn free of winter diseases.

The soil beneath your lawn grows more compact as time goes by. Because of this, nutrients are impeded from your lawn’s roots, which can mean an unhealthy property. Aeration allows those nutrients to reach the grass roots, creating a healthier lawn that’s both greener and thicker. Core aeration should be performed annually, and when the need arises, more often than that. If you have any questions about our lawn aeration service, please ask us!

Thatch is a layer of debris, such as dead roots and grass, that can form between the soil surface and grass blades on top. The matting that occurs from this prevents air, water, and other nutrients from reaching the soil and roots. Dethatching is the process of removing this layer of debris and dead grass, to make your lawn greener, thicker, and more polished. We recommend Inver Grove Heights residents dethatch their lawns once per season. Ask us about including dethatching with your Spring clean-up!