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Residential Snow Removal - Saint Paul

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Residential Snow Removal

Monson Lawn & Landscaping provides reliable and affordable snow removal services in Saint Paul. Our professional crews and top of the line equipment allows us to offer services from simple shoveling to plowing and removing snow from large areas such as parking lots. 

Our account team is very responsive and is a big reason why we have such a strong repeat customer business. You can be sure that if tenants on your property have a question about their snow removal service we will be available to help. 

Plowing and Hauling Service

Our plowing services are fast and thorough leaving your premises safe and accessible. In addition to snow plowing services, we also offer snow hauling services if your property requires more space, this is especially important for parking areas. We are able to either relocate plowed snow to a designated area on your property, or we can haul it away offsite. Sanding and salting is also available upon request. 

Shoveling and Snow Blowing

For pathways and surfaces that might be damaged by plowing we typically use our snow blowers to clear the area. Our team is thorough and makes sure to remove any patches of hard snow that may turn into ice. Sanding and salting is also available upon request. 

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